Citizenship Curriculum


Citizenship studies is taught as an option GCSE during Years 10 and 11.

We aim to create students who are aware of their roles and responsibilities as citizens and who work together for a better society, locally, nationally and globally.  

What skills and knowledge will pupils develop?

KS4 Citizenship has been designed to explore enquiry questions through the units set out in the specification. Key knowledge and understanding will be developed through the main themes; Living together in the UK, Democracy at work in the UK, Law and Justice, Power and Influence and Taking Citizenship action. These themes are taught in a logical order, with Theme D: Power and influence building on and deepening student knowledge and understanding of some of the citizenship concepts addressed in Themes A to C. Although Theme E: Taking citizenship action can be addressed at any point in the course, we have decided to teach this in year 11 so that students are clear about how the action they take relates to the citizenship concepts and issues they are studying.  From a practical perspective, placing this at the start of Year 11 allows for preparation work to be covered over the summer break before Year 11 commences. 

Through the course, students will develop their own hypotheses, create sustained and reasoned arguments and reach substantiated conclusions.  Students will also understand the range of methods and approaches that can be used by governments, organisations, groups and individuals to address citizenship issues in society. This then informs their Theme E citizenship action project, whereby students will plan practical citizenship actions aimed at delivering a benefit or change for others in society. As their skills develop, students will reflect on the effectiveness of citizenship actions on a local and global level.

Access for all pupils

All students have a right to learn Citizenship and to be fully supported to reach their potential.  Differentiation is a focus in every lesson and particularly where feedback is given to stretch and support students to improve.  Where there are specific learning needs, for example students who are hearing impaired, lessons and materials will be adapted accordingly.

Curriculum overview

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