World Challenge

The World Challenge trips are 3 to 4 week expeditions which take place every 2 years to remote locations in distant countries. They are open to students in year 11, 12 and 13. The venture is designed to let students develop their leadership qualities. Previous expeditions have been to Namibia, Ledakh in the Indian Himalayas, Mexico, Morocco, Bolivia, Southern Tanzania, Borneo, Eswatini and Mozambique. The next trip, delayed by Covid, will be to Nepal followed by Borneo in 2023.

What makes these trips unique is that the students decide on the itinerary and organise all aspects of the expedition. They are responsible for booking transport, controlling the finance, securing accommodation, buying food and organising guides for the trek. They have to purchase equipment and the resources required for the project, and liaise with the community leaders or the teachers who they are working with.  All students fundraise over a period of 15 months to help meet the cost of this expedition.

These can be life-changing trips and are special in that they give the students an opportunity to go to places very few tourists get to visit, to experience life in a foreign culture, living with people less fortunate than themselves whilst providing much needed help for these people.

The life skills the students learn will not only aid personal growth, but can help secure university places and impress future employers.  They talk in interviews about erecting houses for the homeless in the Andes, swimming with turtles and collecting their eggs for hatching on remote pacific beaches, standing on top of the second highest road pass in the world, building classrooms in Africa or sleeping in hammocks whilst trekking through the Borneo Jungle.


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