Safeguarding at Whickham School

Safeguarding at Whickham School is all about looking after the welfare of every child that attends our school.

Safeguarding at Whickham School is everyone’s responsibility – every member of Whickham School staff has received training in dealing with some of the issues relating to safeguarding.

Safeguarding issues can crop up at any time and can range from fairly trivial issues to situations which can seriously threaten the physical or emotional wellbeing of a student. It is important that all issues relating to safeguarding are reported and dealt with effectively.

Safeguarding Team

Mrs Maher, Deputy Headteacher is the school’s Designated Safeguarding Lead,  and she runs a team of the following staff:

The following members of staff are all trained in Safeguarding and are available for students and parents to talk to:


Reporting a Safeguarding Issue

The best way to make a report is to immediately tell one of the staff named above, who will act upon the report.  The issue will also need to be recorded by the person reporting the incident so that we have a written record of what has been witnessed.

If you cannot locate any of the above members of staff simply ask at reception if they can contact them for you.

For more information on Safeguarding at Whickham School please see our Safeguarding Guide


Safeguarding Advice from Northumbria Police


County Lines

Organised criminal gangs target, recruit, and exploit children and young people to transport and sell drugs. We can help disrupt this activity by spotting the signs and reporting our concerns if we notice something isn’t quite right.

The Prevention Through Education Team has created this useful guide to to raise awareness:


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