Welcome to Whickham Sixth

Whickham Sixth Form is a special place that will make you feel welcome and encourage you to succeed. It is a vital part of the school and is given the status it deserves. The young men and women of our Sixth Form are important role models and leaders in the school community.

There is an array of opportunities and challenges facing students when deciding to continue their education beyond 16 years or entering the world of work. Ensuring all students make the right choice is essential, as it allows them to be the best they can be. The breadth of  curriculum offer at Whickham is something we are all very proud of as we endeavor to support students in selecting the right route and subject mix for them. We offer a range of both A-Level and BTEC Courses, some of which can be taken as a double or triple offer as well as the single.

Whickham is a very caring Sixth Form that caters for the needs of all learners, be it in the curriculum offer, the pastoral support available of the additional enrichment opportunities. There is a big emphasis on enrichment opportunities as they help students transition to adulthood by developing skills such as self-confidence whilst also supporting the local community. We have very high expectations of all of our students. They are role models for students across the school who aspire to one day be where they are. We expect students to support the rest of the school and in doing so further develop skills to progress on to university and employment.

We have a fantastic pastoral and academic structure that provides you with all the tools needed to achieve. Sixth Form will be one of the most enjoyable and important times of your life. With great reward comes challenge, this challenge will build your resilience and pave the way for your chosen career path.

More information about all things Sixth Form can be found in this Parents Information Presentation

We look forward to welcoming you to Whickham Sixth!

Miss S Tumelty
Head of Sixth Form