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Information about querying results for Summer 2020:

Following release of this summer’s results we have had a number of queries/questions about results & appeals. Where this was the case we have contacted pupils & parents and tried to provide relevant information and context around this summer’s results. Whilst in many cases this has provided the clarity that was required some pupils may feel that there are grounds for the school to appeal one or more results.

Pupils were provided with a copy of Ofqual’s appeals process in their results pack. Unfortunately Ofqual modified this document at 7pm the evening before GCSE results day and there was not time to reprint this before issuing results. A copy of the updated document is available on the ofqual website here

The information about the grounds for appeal is given on page 5. The grounds for appeal are very limited and relate to where the school has made an administrative error or where an awarding body has made a communications error. There are no grounds for appeal if a pupil is unhappy with the school’s Centre Assessed Grade. Neither are there grounds for an appeal based on a mock result.


Our process for determining whether an appeal should be submitted is as follows:

  • Stage 1
    Following an initial enquiry we have tried to provide information and clarity about how the school came to its judgement in regards to the Centre Assessed Grades that were submitted.


  • Stage 2
    Pupils who believe that there are grounds for an appeal need to contact Mr L Wood (lwood@whickhamschool.org) clearly stating what they believe the grounds for appeal are. Mr Wood will investigate and will decide whether the school needs to make an appeal.


  • Stage 3
    If the school decides that there are not sufficient grounds for an appeal to be submitted you have the right to ask the school to review this decision. In these circumstances you should contact Mr P Wheatley (pwheatley@whickhamschool.org) who will then investigate.


The school has until 17 September 2020 to submit appeals to an awarding body. Therefore the deadlines for each stage of the process are as follows:

  • Stage 2 queries must be submitted by Friday 4 September and will be considered by Thursday 10 September. 
  • Stage 3 queries must be submitted by Friday 11 September and will be considered by Wednesday 16 September. 


We will attempt to resolve all queries promptly, however as most staff do not return to school until September it may not be possible to resolve your Stage 2 or 3 query until the start of term.


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