Examination Information 2021-2022

In order to comply with JCQ (Joint Council for Qualifications) regulations, all exam candidates must read and be aware of the information contained in the following documents before the start of their exams.

General Exam Information
Information for Candidates – Coursework Assessments
Information for Candidates – On Screen Tests
Information for Candidates – Written Examinations
Information for Candidates – Social Media
Information for Candidates – Privacy Notice
Information for Candidates – Non-Examination Assessments
Information for Candidates – Student Exam Handbook

JCQ – Advance Information

JCQ have published a student guide to the advance information that is being made available on/around 7 February 2022. Once this is released to schools we will ensure that students are briefed on the contents and consequences for them.


All pupils who were mid-way through completing their BTEC work in 21/22 and were unable to complete an internal unit or sit an external examination will be awarded a grade for that Unit. This process (U-TAG) is overseen by Pearson in a very similar way in which qualification level grades were awarded in 21/22.

Schools will submit these grades to Pearson by 10 November. Provisional grades will be issued to pupils shortly thereafter.

Pearson will confirm final grades for students on Thursday 13 January and these will be issued to students during tutorial on this date.

As in Summer 2021 students have the right to appeal these results. Any appeal should first start with a conversation with the relevant programme leader so a student can fully understand why the school awarded the original grade:

Health & Social Care: Mrs McGuigan
Sport & Performing Arts (Dance): Mr Davison
Level 3 IT, Business or Engineering: Mrs Best
Level 2 IT, Business or Engineering: Mr Alexander

After speaking with the programme Leader if a student wishes to appeal they need to follow the review & appeals process (click here). Please note the deadline of Thursday 27 January 2022 to submit a request for review. The review form is available here.

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