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As of 25/02 the Department for Education have confirmed that there will be no external examinations for any qualification students would normally sit in school this summer.

They have produced the following infographics to help explain how grades will be awarded this summer:

Our recent Parents’/Carers’ forum looked at how grades would be awarded in detail and the video is available to watch here.

Our school’s Centre Policy for 2020/21 is available here.

Official advice for Parents/Carers & students

JCQ Advice

2021 Results – Reviews & Appeals

Students have the right to appeal their results in August 2021. The process is outlined in our review & appeals policy. JCQ guidance is also available here.

Students wishing to request a review or appeal should speak with Mrs Crabtree (examinations officer) or Mr Wheatley in the first instance. It would be heflpul to read this guidance first.

The process formally starts with when the Centre review & appeals form is submitted to Mrs Crabtree.

A copy of some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) is available here.


Update 22/07 – We have published a student/parent/carer guide to appeals this summer (here)

Update: 23/06 – Review/appeals documentation (above) have been updated to reflect finalised guidance from JCQ.

Update: 19/05 To complete a mitigating circumstance please follow this link (now closed). A copy of the assembly powerpoint is available here.

Update: 14/05 – We have published our evidence base to students today. Linked here. OfQual have also recently published and updated guide for students. Linked here.

Update: 12/05 – Students studying for GCSE Foreign Languages, GCSE English Language and/or A-level Science will receive an endorsement for an element of their qualification (Speaking, Speaking & Listening and Practical skills respectively). These endorsements will be released to students on Friday 21 May. Any student who believes that this endorsement has not been assessed correctly can request an internal review. This request must be made in writing to the examinations officer no later than Friday 28 May. Further information available here.

Update: 07/05 – Students were briefed with further information about how the grading and awarding process would work as well as with some information about mitigating circumstances. Slides here.

Update: 28/04 – A copy of the centre policy which outlines our approach to awarding grades is available here. We have also updated students with further details about the process in an assembly (slides). We have also published a letter to students/parents about the use of Additional Assessment Materials.

Update: 01/04 – A copy of our finalised arrangements for HT5 have been emailed to all students in Years 11 and above as well as their parents/carers. Parents/Carers may also want to look at the official advice from JCQ below.

Update: 25/03 – A copy of the outline arrangements for HT5 assessment for Years 11 and 13 were shared with pupils through our assembly. A slightly updated copy of the presentation can be viewed here (whilst this refers to year 11 the arrangements are the same for both year groups).




General Exam Information

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