Bus Services – September 2023

Nexus school bus services

Nexus contract a number of bus services to provide school transport to and from Whickham School.Ā As of 06/11/23 the 895 no longer runs. The route of other bus services has been amended to take this into account.

Nexus timetable document (changes are reflected in red)

Morning services

  • 889 [MAP] Scotland Head (Park lane) to Whickham School [starting at 7.45am]
  • 893 [MAP] High Spen (bus stand) to Whickham School [starting at 7.35am]
  • 896Ā [AMENDED ROUTE] [MAP] Glossop Street to Whickham School via Byermoor, Rowlands Gill, Lintzford, Blackhall mill and Chopwell. [starting at 7.30am]
  • 898 [MAP] Kingsmeadow to Whickham School [starting at 8.05am]
  • 899 [MAP] Shibdon Road to Whickham School [starting at 7.45am]

Afternoon services (leaving at 3.20pm other than alternate Tuesdays at 2.15pm)

  • 893 [MAP] Whickham School to High Spen
  • 896 [AMENDED ROUTE] [MAP] Whickham school to Glossop Street via Byermoor, Rowlands Gill, Lintzford, Blackhall mill and Chopwell
  • 898 [MAP] Whickham School to Scotland Head
  • 899 [MAP] Whickham School to Shibdon Road


Afternoon services (leaving at 4.25pm alternate Tuesdays – no service on early finish Tuesdays)

  • NEW 892 [MAP] Whickham school to Blackhall mill via Byermoor, Rowlands Gill, Sherburn Towers, Highfield and High Spen.

Stanley Travel bus services

The 801 Bus Service is provided in partnership with Durham County Council and Stanley Travel for students travelling from Dipton, Flinthill, Crookgate, Hobson and Burnopfield to Whickham School. The service operates in the morning and after school. The 801 Timetable can be viewed on the link below.

  • The 801 connects to the 713 service from Stanley and Tanfield.
  • 801 Weekly tickets will be available to purchase on the 713 and weekly tickets bought via the My Trip app will be accepted on the 713 connecting services*
  • Current prices: Single = Ā£2.40,Ā  Return = Ā£3.60 and Weekly = Ā£15.00
  • Prices from 3 June 2024: Single = Ā£3, Return = Ā£4.50 and Weekly = Ā£20
  • Please note that whilst the morning connection is guaranteed, the evening connection is not ā€“ if traffic causes the 801 to be delayed students will have to wait for the next 713 service.
  • Click here for a copy of the 801 Timetable
  • Letter to Parents dated 17/04/24 regarding changes to the 801 Service


Travelling to school

The Nexus Travelling to School Website has all the information you need about transport services for students under the age of 16.Ā  They have also produced this handy fact file (click the image to open) about getting to school by public transport.

Planning your journey

  • Use the Nexus interactive Live Travel MapĀ to see the next bus, Metro, train and Shields Ferry times from every stop and station in Tyne and Wear and to plan your journey. Simply enter your school’s name, your home postcode and journey time to find your bus and Metro options. Bus times areĀ Real-TimeĀ where available – which means it’s the time the bus is expected to actually leave your stop.
  • Use this link to find the school bus services for your schoolĀ then go to ‘In this section’ for schoolĀ buses in your area.
  • Or, if you know the number of the bus you need,Ā click here to find the timetable.
  • Metro timetablesĀ 


Tickets and passes


Getting help

  • Call Nexus Customer Services on 0191 20 20 747 for all public transport advice and information or send them a queryĀ 


Concerns or complaints with regards to the bus services should be directed to:

  • Nexus (0191 20 20 747)
  • Stanley Travel (01207 237 424)


Mr McCaughey oversees operation of the buses within school.