Scholars Bus Services


Nexus (scholars services)

Whickham School have spoken to Nexus and raised capacity concerns for the mornings: 889, 890 and 893; evening 893 899 and 897.  To meet demand the following action is to be taken:
  • Capacity of buses will be 60-70 and they will use all seats for scholars services but no one can stand.
  • Later buses will pick up children if they are left at the bus stop and accept any ticket purchased on that day for the journey to Whickham School.
  • Whickham School have requested access to additional buses if there is a capacity issue. This will be reviewed in the first week.
  • To alleviate potential capacity issues, if your child travels to High Spen > Tesco > Rowlands Gill area please encourage them to use the 896 bus where possible.

We ask all parents and carers, where possible, to make alternative arrangements for their child’s travel to and from school and hopefully this may reduce demand. This could include walking or the use of a car, dropping pupils a short walk from school (not directly outside the school gates where unsafe levels of congestion could take place). Where parents and carers cannot do this, we ask that you monitor Nexus travel information via this link

Parents and carers are reminded that Nexus requires children to wear face masks and have the correct change for any journey.

Click here for a copy of the Nexus Scholars Bus Timetables

(This information is provided by Nexus on behalf of Local Authorities, and is updated as and when changes occur. Nexus can accept no liability for any errors or omissions herein)


Stanley Travel – Burnopfield Students

A new 801 Bus Service is now provided in partnership with Durham County Council and Stanley Travel for students travelling from Crookgate, Hobson and Burnopfield to Whickham School

Click here for a copy of the 801 Timetable