Results – 2021/22

Students performed phenomenally well last summer. The progress 8 score of +0.25 meant that students performed on average, a quarter of a grade higher across all of their subjects, compared to the national average.


A summary of KS4 results appears below:

MeasureSchool resultsGateshead averageEngland average
Progress 8+0.25-0.13-0.03
Attainment 8 Score55.249.648.7
English & Maths 4+ (standard pass)74%
English & Maths 5+ (strong pass)56%53%50%
English & Maths 7+17%
Students entering the EBACC57%48%39%
Students achieving EBACC (4+)47%35%27%
EBACC Average points score4.794.424.27
Pupils staying in education or employment (after Year 11) [latest data 19/20]97%94%94%


A summary of KS5 results appears below.

A-Level Vocational
Average gradeBAverage gradeDistinction


Please click below for a more detailed summary set against results from previous years:


Results – 2019/20 and 2020/21

Results summaries were not published as no external examinations were held.


School Performance Tables

Performance information is not being published by the DfE for 2019/20 results.
The links below give access to the most recent (2018/19) results:

DfE KS4 performance information for Whickham School
DfE KS5 performance information for Whickham School

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