Cashless Catering & Biometrics

We operate a cashless catering system in school so that purchases of school meals, snacks and beverages are electronic using biometric registration and recognition.

The system recognises each individual, holds details of cash balances, records cash spent and received, records the items which are purchased and tracks the time and date of purchases.

There are safeguarding benefits to a cashless system as no money changes hands, students do not need to carry cash and parents can top up the balance using ParentPay.  thereby giving parents/carers the peace of mind that money is safe and being used for its intended purpose.

Biometric Registration

Each pupil will have their finger print registered on the school system which will then be translated into a number similar to a barcode. The image of the finger is discarded.  Please be assured that the fingerprint is not stored.  The pupil will then use their finger to access the system, which will identify them by their number.

All biometric data is stored securely in compliance with the Data Protection Act 2018 and General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) 2018 and is not transferred, shared, accessed, used or stored for any other purpose than cashless catering.


Biometic consent is sought from parents in the data collection during the enrolment process.