Miss Allon


My name is Miss Allon and I’m a maths teacher at Whickham School and I’ll be your tutor when you come up here in September. By then, I’ll have a new name and I’ll be Mrs Cooper so we will all be having some new beginnings together! Coming up to secondary school can be a little daunting but Whickham is a great school and a very caring community so you have nothing to worry about.

I love maths and puzzles and I look forward to doing the tutor time numeracy with you because I’m a real maths nerd! Outside of school and maths, I love musical theatre and I’m part of a theatre group and a dance group, performing in musicals and competing every year. 

I hope that you all enjoy your remaining time at Primary school and have a great summer holiday relaxing and doing lots of things you love. I hope that you come up to year 7 and spend the year getting settled in and feeling happy, confident and making lots of new friends. 

I look forward to seeing you all soon!
Miss Allon (Mrs Cooper to be)

Ms Copeland

Hi there! 

My name is Ms Copeland and I will be your form tutor when you join Whickham School in September. Like you, I will be new to the school too and I hope you are feeling as excited and enthusiastic as I am to be starting such a wonderful and welcoming school!

However, I do know how scary and worrying it can be to start somewhere new. That’s why I will be there to help you through this exciting new change.  I will be there to support you, to encourage you and to challenge you to be the best student you can be!   

I live in Newcastle now, but I have also been lucky enough live in other countries in the past including New Zealand, Australia and South Korea. I love to travel, meet people from different cultures and to see new places when I can. I love playing the piano, swimming, and going for hikes and adventures outside. I adore dogs so I often look after my family’s dog for them and take him for walks at the weekend. His name is Albie, he’s one year old and he’s a Springer Spaniel. He’s crazy but adorable.

I’m an English teacher so I also love to read! I have so many favourite books – too many to list! – but two I would recommend are ‘Northern Lights’ by Philip Pullman from the ‘His Dark Materials’ franchise and ‘The Island at the End of Everything’ by Kiran Millwood Hargrave. They are both very inspiring and atmospheric books and I highly recommend you read them! 

I hope you have an amazing summer and I’m very much looking forward to meeting you in September! 

See you soon. 😊 

Ms Copeland

Miss Moore

My name is Miss Moore, Welcome to Whickham School and Sports College! I know starting a new school is nerve-wracking but I’m so excited to welcome you into the school!

I am an English teacher, I love to read! My favourite book series of all time is Percy Jackson & the Olympians! I adore anything Greek Mythology related, it’s my absolute favourite thing!

I love to go on long, adventurous walks, the views are always amazing! I also love going to see live music.

Have a wonderful summer, and I am looking forward to meeting you all in September 🙂

Miss Moore

Miss Patience

Hi everyone!

My name is Miss Patience and I am so looking forward to being your form tutor when you join us at Whickham School in September. I am sure that some of you may feel a little nervous about starting secondary school, but I hope that above all else, you are excited to become a part of Whickham School!

So you know a little more about me before we meet, I am a science teacher and of the three sciences my favourite is chemistry – so of course I love chemical experiments! My favourite practical to do is setting fire to methane bubbles! I have been teaching for 8 years but I also work as an ecologist during the summer where I protect endangered species like owls, bats and newts.

In my free time I enjoy being creative and like to make a variety of craft projects, as well as baking and cake decorating – you may be lucky enough to sample a cake or two! I also like to read, go to the theatre and explore places I have never been before.

I hope you have a wonderful summer, and I am excited to meet you in September!

Miss Thompson
My name is Miss Thompson and I will be your tutor starting from September! I am really looking forward to meeting you all and helping you succeed during your time at Whickham School. I know that it can be scary starting Secondary School but please do not worry, I am sure that we will all have a fantastic time together!

I am a Geography teacher which means I am fascinated about the world! I love travelling and experiencing new cultures and places. I have visited 30 countries so far, I love sharing my experiences and random facts about countries with people, so I hope your ears are ready! I am very committed to my students and will always strive to make sure you achieve everything to the best of your ability.
In my spare time I like to go on long walks. I especially love visiting The Lake District, I have a tough goal of completing all 214 summits at The Lakes. I have recently started paddleboarding, although standing up on them is still a challenge for me. Like I have already mentioned, I love visiting new countries, I hope to visit at least 100 in my lifetime. I look forward to hearing all about your passions and interests.

I hope you all have a wonderful summer and I can’t wait to meet you all!

Miss Thompson

Mr Adams

Hello everyone. 

I hope you are all doing well and have been enjoying your final term as year 6 students. 

My name is Mr Adams, I will be your form tutor when you join us during the next school year at Whickham secondary. As your form tutor my first duty is to support you as you join us and get to know Whickham school’s routines. I will be on hand to teach you, help and challenge you to be the best you can be during your time at secondary school. 

As well as being your tutor I am also a teacher of Physics which is a branch of science that specialises in looking at outer space, forces, energy, electricity and much more. I will also be teaching some of you general science in year 7 and 8 and hopefully will be the teacher that introduces you to the wonders of science through your first set of practical experiments in secondary school. As well as science I am also very interested in engineering and prior to becoming a physics teacher, I worked as a design engineer for Nissan & Renault where I helped design the machines that would eventually be used to go on to produce many of the newest Nissan cars that have been released to the public over the past few years.

Outside of Physics & Engineering I am also very interested in music, football, reading, and the great outdoors. I spend a lot of my spare time hiking and playing the guitar. And until recently I have been playing football for a local team twice a week; unfortunately this has had to stop in recent days as I suffered quite a nasty knee injury (ouch!). But hopefully I will be back to playing soon. I look forward to hearing about how you all progress in sports as you make your way through secondary school.I know there are plenty of opportunities to get involved in a range of sports and teams in Whickham school. As well as sports I have also been playing instruments for over 15 years now and for those of you that are also interested in playing, I am a great source of  information for those of you looking for help and advice and may even offer the occasional free guitar lesson during tutor time if you are lucky!

Looking forward to meeting you all soon. 

Best Wishes

Mr Adams. 

Mr Laidler

Hi all,

I’m Mr Laidler and will be your year 7 tutor from September. This is an exciting time for both me and you as this will be my first year at the school, just like you all. We will all be sharing the same emotion of nervous excitement so I’ll know what it’s like to be starting at a new school like you all will be in September!

I’m a maths teacher (so I apologise for any grammar mistakes in this letter!) which is what my degree is in at University. I spent four years studying maths at Durham University, as well as applying this in the amazing world of physics, so as you can probably guess this is where a lot of my passion lies. I loved my time through school and sixth form so I find that not only is my job to teach maths, it’s also to make sure you all enjoy your time here, and hopefully inspire some to have a career in mathematics, or science. If you have me as a maths teacher, you’ll notice that I’ll put a lot of real-world questions in, as well as some interesting parts of maths that are outside what you need to learn, just for enjoyment.

I have other interests outside of maths and science though, I’ve been playing golf since about the age of 5, and play competitively most weeks, and have represented the county at youth level. I also play football most weeks, as well as going to watch a lot of matches. It might be controversial, but I support Sunderland, as this was where I was born. No doubt I’ll take a lot of grief about that! I’ve had a season ticket with Sunderland for the past 6 years now, which has certainly been quite depressing at times, but also enjoyable (sometimes). 

Like I said, I was born in Sunderland but currently live in-between Sunderland and Durham. I am (hopefully) about to move to a new house, and will be getting at least one dog and cat, perhaps more! I’ve currently spent the last 7 years studying in Durham, going to Durham Sixth form for two years and Durham University for the past 5 years! 

I know that this might be a nervous time for some of you, but I hope that there is excitement there too. I felt the exact same when I was your age, I remember my first day at my secondary school like it was yesterday. I felt nervous, but also excited for a new start. My time at secondary school, and then sixth form, were amazing, with countless memories along the way. It is not all about learning, you will meet friends for life, get to experience new things, and will become great people for your future outside of school. But that’s a long time from now. For now, it’s okay to be nervous, but together we’ll start afresh, and begin our exciting journey in September.

See you all soon,

Mr Laidler.

Mr Njovana

Hi all,

My name is Mr Njovana and I will be your Year 7 tutor from September. This is such an amazing time where you will be starting a new school meeting new people and getting to know your new surroundings. I started at Whickham School in January so I will be relatively new like you. I’ve lived in London for half my life and only moved to the North East in September last year. I will definitely still be as nervous as all of you might be!

I’m a Design Technology teacher and I absolutely love it. You will probably notice how excited I might get about design as I studied Architecture in University. I loved my time in school because I got to explore and learn different subjects that I had never done before. I also had teachers and other people around me to help me understand different topics or subjects I didn’t understand. Hopefully I will be able to do the same for you. But my favourite times in school were the times I experienced in my form class because we looked out for each other and tried to enjoy our time in school. I hope we will be able to have the same experience too!

I have other interests outside of Design Technology. I’ve been playing basketball since I was about the age 10 and played for a recreational club in London. That led me into coaching where I have been an assistant coach for pupils who have played for the U16 and U18 England Team. If you are interested in basketball, we have a lot of pupils who play for the school team who absolutely love it. I enjoy watching football and I am die hard Arsenal fan unfortunately, though I am starting to support Celtic.

I have one son named Reuben who’s 18 months old who currently loves nursery and running around the park. Though he sometimes gets over excited and does rolly pollies because he’s tripped and runs too fast! 

I’m really excited to meet you all and I hope you enjoy your last few weeks of Primary!


Mr Njovana

Ms Coutts

Hello everyone,

My name is Ms Coutts and I will be your new form tutor when you join us at Whickham in September.

I teach Mathematics and I look forward to hopefully having some of you in my class next year. It is a subject I love, and I see having this wonderful opportunity to share this enthusiasm with young people as a great privilege.  One of the most rewarding parts of teaching this subject is helping my pupils when they’re struggling and seeing that ‘A-ha’ moment when something tricky clicks.  Puzzles and problem solving are definitely a fundamental part of my life and an enduring passion of mine.

Outside of my teaching, I find joy in reading, spending much of my free time getting lost in the worlds of books.  I enjoy listening to live music and I get very excited about my favourite television programs.

I love to create, relaxing by painting and making jewellery, something that helped me through the pandemic.  I even had the opportunity to share my creations with people and spread happiness through my art.  I can’t wait to hear about your own hobbies outside of school!

I have lived near Newcastle and Gateshead most of my life and I moved back as soon as I could after university because I sincerely believe that Newcastle is the best city in the world.

While I spent some time at Whickham school earlier this year, enjoying my time here thoroughly, I will be new to the school in September, and you will be my first full time tutor group.  Being a tutor is a big part of why I wanted to be a teacher and I am looking forward to this exciting new adventure we will be starting together.

My primary role, as your tutor, is to support you and be your first port of call at Whickham School. I will be here to help with any problem you may be facing and to get to know everything about Whickham school as quickly as possible.  I will expect a lot from you while you are in my tutor group, but I will also give you as much time and guidance as I can.

I am excited to meet every one of you.

Have a wonderful summer,

Ms Coutts