Behaviour and Attitudes to Learning

At Whickham School we believe that good behaviour is essential in order for pupils to make outstanding progress in their learning and that all pupils should be able to learn in an environment free from disruption.  Our approach is based on the belief that student wellbeing and safety are a fundamental responsibility of all stakeholders:

  • All pupils, parents and staff should have high expectations of behaviour at all times.
  • All pupils, parents and staff are responsible for developing  positive learning behaviours in all pupils.
  • A culture of mutual respect between all stakeholders in school must be achieved.
  • Effective communication between staff, pupils and parents or carers is fundamental in ensuring a positive culture of excellent behaviour is maintained at all times.

High quality teaching and learning promotes good behaviour, and consistent application of lesson routines and behavioural systems is the key to establishing an environment where behaviour is good. Excellent behaviour is recognised and rewarded.  Poor behaviour is tackled and addressed.

Expectations & Routines



Full details of Behaviour Expectations, Rewards, and Consequences can be found in our Behaviour Policy.  Please see our Restorative Approaches page for information on our approach to low level disruption.