Why Whickham Sixth – Student Voice


Whickham School Sixth Form grants a vast range of opportunities for our students to partake in. Offering all sorts of subjects and extra curricular activities for each student to enjoy.

A favourite time of the year for many is Charity week which is predominantly led by Year 12 students to raise money for one or two charities of their choosing.  This week helps many students to improve their communication skills and develop important life skills that will help them later on in life.

When it comes to education, you are treated as a young adult which is beneficial but you are also still expected to meet deadlines for homeworks or coursework. This is why during the school day, a student will have ‘Study lessons’, an hour where there isn’t a formal lesson taking place but still a time to catch up on work, revise or socialise with your peers.


What I have always loved about Whickham Sixth Form throughout my time here is the support and encouragement you receive.

Not only are you supported by teachers and staff but also your peers who offer a unique network caring individuals happy to help at anytime. This reassurance is available in many forms such as our student leadership team, student council and student ambassadors. Students have a voice and a say in matters around the school site which is a vital part of Whickham’s inclusive environment.

As a student one of my favourite parts of day to day life is the student-teacher exchanges. You are treated as the young adult you are with complete respect which allows for a more depth in debates during class. You are constantly pushed to better your knowledge through questioning and countering points made.

Whickham Sixth Form prepares me for the world ahead by offering both amazing opportunities and education.