Why Whickham Sixth – Student Voice

Firstly, we would like to say we are delighted to be selected as Head Boy and Head Girl for this year. It was a very competitive process and we are really looking forward to having the chance to work with everyone who applied. To us, the role of Head Girl and Head Boy is an opportunity to ensure Whickham is a place in which all students feel comfortable and is an environment where everyone can thrive and be themselves.

As Head Boy and Head Girl, we understand that it is our responsibility to ensure every student’s voice is heard. Our goal is to build a strong team of sixth form leaders and ambassadors who will specialise in different areas of school life and we hope that, by doing this, we are able to establish a strong presence within the school and start making a positive impact for both the students and the school community as a whole.

Our team consists of 2 Deputy Head Boys and 2 Deputy Head Girls; Finlay Dobson, Luke Abbott, Lauryn Hall and Lily Rispin-Brown. We also have a group of ambassadors who will aid us in pushing forward all of our ideas as well as bringing in their own. Our plan is to establish 4 key areas which we will focus on. These include: citizenship, the environment and community, well-being and school experience. We have assigned a deputy to take a lead on each group, with the ambassadors working in one of these groups. This will help us to push each area forward throughout the whole school. 

It is clear that one of the things we are both passionate about is focusing on communication within the school, both lower school and sixth form as well as within the community. We feel like this is something really important to focus on, as it helps everyone to have their voice heard and ensures Whickham is a place where everyone feels safe and comfortable. As a part of this, we will have a regular spot in the Whickham way; this will allow us to be able to update you on everything we do and the ideas you have. We will also be communicating regularly with the student council and the pupil voice to ensure that everyone’s voice is heard, whilst also leading assemblies every term to update students on what we have done and what are next steps are

We are really excited to see where our ideas take us!

Jess & Theo