Student Support Services

Below you will find details of the key staff members responsible for Student Support, all can be contacted on the main school telephone number 0191 496 0026 (their extension numbers are shown)

Full details of our Student Support Services can also be found in the Parent Information Booklet.


Mrs S Maher, Deputy Headteacher

Ext. No: 310

Mr M Phillipson, Assistant Headteacher – Behaviour & Attitudes

Ext. No: 220

Mr J McCaughey, Senior Pastoral Leader

Ext No: 238


Pastoral Leads:

Mr G Houston, Pastoral Lead – Year 7

Ext. No: 225


Miss E Herrington, Pastoral Lead – Year 8

Ext. No: 224



Mrs A Hall, Pastoral Lead – Year 9

Ext: No: 239


Mrs T Bensley, Pastoral Lead – Year 10

Ext. No: 240


Mr S Jarvie, Pastoral Lead – Year 11

Ext. No: 226


Safeguarding Team:

Mrs S Maher, Safeguarding Lead

Ext. No: 310



Mrs S MacPherson, Deputy Safeguarding Lead

Ext. No: 236


Mr M Phillipson, Deputy Safeguarding Lead

Ext. No: 220



Mr J McCaughey, Deputy Safeguarding Lead

Ext No: 238



Miss M Tillet-Hayes, Attendance Officer

Ext. No: 227



Behaviour Inclusion Support:

Mrs L Blake, BIS Support Worker

Ext. No: 236


Mrs H Mason, BIS Support Worker

Ext No: 236