Sixth Form Code of Dress

Sixth Form students are role models for students in lower school, and their standards of dress are an important part of the culture of Whickham.Ā  Sixth Form students are required to dress in a manner that would be acceptable within a professional workplace. The code of dress below reflects this. This code of dress was reviewed July 2023. The review included both staff and student voice. The Code of Dress below is for the gender with which you identify.


Additional guidance

  • The Sixth Form lanyard must be worn by students in Years 12+13 at ll times while on the school site. These lanyards are issued to new students in Year 12 as soon as possible at the start of the year.
  • Boots may be worn in severe weather but must be a formal style.Ā 
  • Students are allowed a single facial piercing and 2 earrings per ear. Students should not come to school with elaborate makeup, hair adornments, unnatural hair colours or extreme hairstyles.


Students completing practical courses:

For some subjects a different set of clothing is required for practical lessons (i.e. Sport/PE, Dance). For these subjects you are permitted to wear sportswear as long as you wear the Whickham School PE top. If you do not have the Sixth Form PE top students are still required to come in the usual Code of Dress but you should change into your more specialist clothing for your lesson using the changing facilities provided.

Sweat style joggers are not permitted. Students must wear suitable trainers for sporting lessons, not ā€˜pumpā€™ style shoes.

Students not adhering to the dress code will be sent home in order to get changed into appropriate clothing. If you are in doubt about an item of clothing please seek clarification from your Head of Year.