Diversity and Inclusion

The opportunities provided in Whickham Sixth are endless!  Being yourself is an important part of Sixth Form and we enjoy opportunities to explore how diverse people and cultures are and we celebrate difference in an environment that is both safe and welcoming.

I’ve really enjoyed being given the opportunity to develop my leadership and organisation skills by taking a lead on diversity week and planning assemblies and activities for the whole of the school.

At Whickham we are really lucky to be part of a school community where you are able to be who you want to be without being judged by others.

Another fantastic aspect of Whickham is the Mental Health Awareness week hosted by staff and students of the Sixth Form. This is an empowering week during the school calendar that works effectively to tackle the stigmas based around mental health and educates students on the facilities and support available to them. I love the peer to peer support in all aspects of school as well as the opportunities given to me this year, which have really helped me develop as a person.

We welcome students that external to our school into our Sixth Form provision and provide a programme of transition to support them.  They all settle in, make new friends quickly and progress to outstanding results. Many external  students apply to Whickham because of the wide range of A level subjects and BTEC courses they can chose from, the varied enrichment opportunities available and the quality of guidance and personal support offered.

I am really happy that I chose Whickham School Sixth Form.  The facilities here are excellent and I get lots of support from my teachers.