Year 12 Induction

Year 12 Induction takes place in two parts – at the end of the summer term of Year 11 prior to enrolment and at the start of Year 12. The Induction programme is designed to support you in stepping up to the standards of independent learning required to be successful in the Sixth Form as well as building relationships with peers, tutors and teachers.

Pre-enrolment induction
We host a taster day for Year 11 students and external applicants. Where they follow a personalised timetable of activities which include: – Taster lessons in most/all of the subjects you intend to take in Year 12. Where it is not possible to timetable you into all your subjects for September we place a particular emphasis on getting an experience of “new subjects” to help you in making a final choice of subjects at enrolment. – A chance to speak to current Year 12 students about their experiences of stepping up – A chance to meet the sixth form team and think about what becoming more independent means.

Summer transition work
Following on from the induction days in Summer term, some subjects will provide you with a small amount of transition work to complete for September. The first few lessons are likely to build on the work. The work is carefully designed to help you focus on some key skills that are required in Year 12 and bridges the gap between GCSE and A-level. A copy of the work for each subject is available below for students who are absent on the induction days or who change their subject choices at enrolment.

September induction
In September we will focus on helping you integrate into the Sixth Form and you will have two days off timetable to focus on what it takes to be a successful sixth form student. This includes an activity day to build friendships, community and learning culture. We will also start to begin planning for the Year 12 Charity Week in October.


Please see course booklet for detailed information on the subjects available.


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