In common with many organisations most of our staff are now working from home. We have changed some of our usual contact details to ensure that queries can still be answered quickly.

Our updated contact information is as follows:

General queries

  • School reception staff are available via e-mail through reception@whickhamschool.org. This is currently our most efficient system of working and we encourage parents to use this where possible.
  • Where e-mail contact is not practical, the main school phone contact number (0191 496 0026) can still be used to speak to a member of the reception team. In addition the answering system can still direct calls to the relevant pastoral year leaders.

Subject work queries

  • Where possible pupils should respond to the e-mail that their teacher has sent. This will be from their usual subject teacher, unless they are ill.

More general work/achievement/accessing online systems issues

  • We have temporarily expanded our achievement team. They can be contacted by e-mail on: achievement@whickhamschool.org. Please ensure that you specify the year group of your child to ensure that it is answered as swiftly as possible.
  • The achievement team can also be contacted by phone:
    • Year 7: Mrs Hammerton: ext 324
    • Year 8: Miss Jones: ext 325
    • Year 9: Miss Envy: ext 318
    • Year 10: Mrs Hughes: ext 316
    • Year 11: Mr Day: ext 317
    • Years 12 & 13: Mrs Ross: ext 252

Pastoral/safeguarding and welfare issues

  • Our pastoral support team continue to be available using their normal contact phone numbers:
    • Year 7: Mrs Hall: ext 239
    • Year 8: Mrs Bensley: ext 240
    • Year 9: Mr Phillipson: ext 220
    • Year 10: Mr Houston: ext 225
    • Year 11: Mr Jarvie: ext 226
    • Year 12: Miss Flint: ext 215
    • Year 13: Mr Turnbull: ext 210

Whickham is an extraordinary school, where everyone is valued for their unique contribution to the life of the school. We recognise the special gifts, talents and needs of each individual as we strive for excellence.

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Whickham School Head Master

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