Whickham School has introduced a new school uniform for all KS3 / 4 students. The uniform identifies Whickham students as proud members of the school and community. At all time students are to wear the uniform with pride and respect for all that it represents.

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Please click to view: The Whickham School uniform code
Please click to view: How to wear the school uniform

Winter Footwear

In my December letter to all parents/carers, I gave some information about uniform expectations during the winter. The intention of this advice was to ensure the welfare of all pupils, but in attempting to be brief I perhaps was not completely clear. Our uniform is suitable for virtually all normal inclement winter conditions, however on rare occasions when the weather is particularly inclement (for example if we have several centimetres of snow), it may be necessary for pupils to wear some more appropriate footwear. I will make sure that any such relaxation of our normal expectation is communicated to you on our website, the school gateway app and twitter, however I would not wish for you to refrain from using your good judgement when conditions clearly merit it. An example of this would be that if you send your child(ren) into school with footwear appropriate to snow, that you ensure that he/she has uniform school shoes in a bag in order to change upon arrival at school.

Mr S.Haigh


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