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Leave of Absence Information

Request for Leave of Absence during Term Time (Years 7-13)

High levels of student attendance are a significant factor in the academic success of students at Whickham School.

Over the past few years we have had a growing number of requests for holidays in term time. Some parents have been under the impression that pupils are allowed 10 days holiday from school in any one year. This is not the case. The Government’s guidance states that under special circumstances the school may consider giving permission for a child to be absent from school for a maximum of 10 days in any one school year.

An absence of ten school days results in your child missing 49 school lessons and means the highest attendance they can achieve in that school year is 95%. This is well below the average attendance for the majority of Whickham students and this level of attendance does not allow for any other additional absence that may occur.

In line with Government guidance, holiday leave of absence will only be granted under special circumstances.

Permission will not be granted

  • If the student is due to take an examination during the period of the leave of absence
  • If the student already has less than 95% attendance
  • If the leave of absence is requested in the first four weeks of September

In making the decision about the leave of absence, the school will consider the student’s attendance record as well as their attitude to learning. If permission is granted, your child will be expected to collect work from teachers and this work must be completed in addition to the usual homework set by staff.

If a child is taken out of school for a holiday without permission being requested or when permission is requested but not granted, it will be marked as an unauthorised absence on the school register and noted in the child’s records.

This may lead to a Penalty Notice, currently £60 per child, being issued by the Local Authority on return or legal action being taken.

Your request will be Considered and you will receive a letter within 8 school days of receipt.

Click here to download a copy of the Leave of Absence form

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