Maths Study Support

In maths lessons at Whickham, you follow a five year learning journey where each year you will build upon the learning of previous years, developing your depth of understanding to master each topic through fluency, problem solving and reasoning, equipping you with everything you need to be successful at GCSE and beyond. This journey can be seen below. 

As part of this journey, you will develop into an independent learner by developing your ability to pinpoint your strengths and weaknesses and knowing how and where to seek support when you need it. This page has been designed with you in mind!

How can you help yourself?

  • By scrolling down to your year group on this page, you will be able to access knowledge organisers for each block of your learning in school. You can use these to help you revise for assessments and to support you with your home learning tasks too. 
  • The overview for each year is also included to help you identify which knowledge organisers would be most helpful to you at that time. Your teacher should also be able to direct you to the most useful resources.
  • On Hegarty maths, you can watch videos for any topic you feel you need help with, and if you are still stuck with a task at home, you can also complete the building blocks which are linked to each task.
  • has videos on each topic, as well as practice questions and exam style questions, all with worked solutions. This is a great website to use for revision!

Need support from your teacher?

  • If you require further support from your teacher, you can find them on the maths floor at most times of the day. 
  • You also have access to B12 every lunchtime where there will be a maths teacher to help you with your homework or any other questions you may have come across in your own revision.

Year 11

  • You will find the chunked revision schedules for the foundation or higher course when you follow your link. Your teachers will provide you with paper copies of these to help you split up your revision across the whole year to try to avoid a cramming session close to your exams! 
  • You also have access to dedicated maths revision sessions after school. Keep your eye out for further details to follow! Please make the most of these sessions and let your teachers know in advance if you have any topics which you would like to work on.


Maths Learning Journey

Mathematicians at Whickham

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Year 7

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Year 11

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