ARMS Provision

At Whickham school, as part of Gateshead’s Local Offer for SEND, we host an Additionally Resourced Mainstream School unit for pupils with Autistic Spectrum Conditions.

Our ARMS provision supports pupils with autism to access a mainstream school. It is not a separate small provision. We are very proud of the work we do with a number of students, in providing them with additional support, so that they can attend mainstream lessons.

In choosing Whickham School’s ARMS provision for your child you need to think carefully about this, as this provision will not be right for all children, and is not an alternative to more specialist provision for those pupils needing regular 1:1 or very small group teaching.


What our ARMS provision providesWhat our ARMS provision does not provide
✅ Support for students to access regular lessons as part of their tutor group/class (32 pupils)❌ A separate unit where pupils are taught in small classes on the same site as a large secondary school
✅ A separate quiet area for pupils at social time, with scaffolded steps to inclusion within their peer group❌ 1:1 teaching
âś… A named key worker what pupils can access before and after school


Please note

The ARMS provision can only be accessed through Gateshead’s SEND Panel as it is commissioned by the Local Authority. It cannot be accessed through the usual admissions process. The number of places is limited.


For further information

Please contact out SENDCO, Andy Purvis. Contact details can be found on our main SEND page.