Meet your Tutors


Welcome to Whickham School. My Name is Mrs Wheatley and I am one of the maths teachers here. I have been teaching at Whickham for 6 years. I will be sharing the tutor group with Miss Ledger as I work part time. I always enjoy being a year 7 tutor as it is a wonderful opportunity to get to know new wonderful young people. In my spare time I enjoy reading and going walking with my family. I have three children. I look forward to meeting you all in September.




Hello, I’m Miss Hewson, I hope you are all well and looking forward to starting at Whickham in September. Unfortunately we are unable to meet before you start, but don’t worry I promise it isn’t as scary as you might think! It will be my first year teaching at Whickham so it’ll be nice to settle in together. I teach History; I love learning as much as I can about it and find it fascinating – I especially like the Tudors. I have a sausage dog who I love going on walks with, and enjoy going to the Lake District when I can where I go walking and Kayaking. I am really looking forward to meeting you all and hope you have a great summer, stay safe and see you soon!



Hello – my name is Ms Wilson and, from September, I will be a maths teacher and Year 7 form tutor at Whickham School. Like you, I will be new and I am looking forward to us getting to know the school together. Here are a few facts to help you get to know me: my favourite season is Spring and my favourite colour is green. The food I eat the most of is banana sandwiches (when we meet, I will probably have just eaten one for breakfast!). My favourite author is Terry Pratchett, and the last film I saw was Jumanji: The Next Level. I have two pet hens, Valhalla and Baloo, who live in my garden and they most love eating worms and kale. Most importantly of all: I can’t wait to meet you!



Hello Year 6, and welcome to Whickham School,

My name is Ms Alexander, I am coming into my 6th year at Whickham School. I currently teach in the Science Faculty, my specialism is Chemistry although I love teaching all of the sciences.

I take great pride in being a tutor at Whickham. It gives me the opportunity to get to know students on a different level to a class teacher. I will be here to support you in every aspect of school life. From homework worries, being a great learner, organising your study time, making the most of the opportunities Whickham has to offer and much much  more.

I have 3 children myself, two who are finishing their degrees at University and a 9 year old who is moving into year 5 in September.

I also help run the Rainbow Society. This is a social group of students who come together each week to speak about a range of diverse issues. We want every student to be who they want to be, a message which is at the core of Whickham School Values.

I have a passion for looking after animals, I have owned snakes, tarantulas, mice, rats, degus, praying mantis, chameleons and a bearded dragon. I would love to hear about the pets you have had experience of. I currently have a Husky and 2 pet cats which are all very good friends.

You will love being a part of the Whickham family, looking forward to meeting you all in September!



Welcome to a new and fantastic chapter in your life here at Whickham School. It is a pleasure to introduce myself, I’m Mr Hogarth and I will be your tutor this year. My role in school is Deputy Faculty Leader for IT, Business and Technology, so you might see me wander into your classrooms when you have one of these lessons to make sure everyone is learning and being the best they can be.  My teaching specialisms are Design Technology and Engineering. Engineering is a great passion of mine as I used to work within mechanical and precision engineering.

When I am not teaching and supporting students to achieve their highest potential I love traveling and surfing, well anything outdoors really.

I am very much looking forward to meeting you and guiding you through your next adventure here at Whickham.

Have a great summer!



Welcome to Whickham School.  I am Dr Simpson and work part time as a science teacher.  I am just about to celebrate my 21st – unfortunately not age but years as a teacher!  My three main topics of conversation probably say alot about me:-

1) My two children – I have a 16 year old daughter Neve, about to start her A levels, and a 12 year old son Ethan, about to start year eight.  They are both my pride and joy and I love spending time with them.   To be truthful,  I think they would find me a little more interesting if I knew more about e-sports and had an instagram account.  

2) My spaniel dog called Ranger – He is two and the talk of our estate.  He is regularly brought back by neighbours after escaping and visiting their houses and his dog friends that live close by.  He is the Harry Houdini of the dog world.  I am trying to do dog agility with him which has not been too successful so far.  I have at least one story a day about his ability to jump great heights – he is currently fuming that I have put plants along the windowsills in the house.

3) Netball – I play netball for Winlaton Ladies netball club and absolutely love the sport and the lovely ladies in the team.  I train on a Monday and play matches normally on a Tuesday/Wednesday – I’ve played netball since I was seven and hope to continue for many more years.

I considered putting food on the list but decided that would be a close fourth!.  I love to talk about what is on offer in the school canteen (personal favourite – Fish and chips on Friday, balanced by a fresh fruit salad!)

Look forward to seeing you all soon.



Welcome to Whickham School year 7! I’m Miss Ahmed and I’m so excited to meet you all in September and to be your tutor – I hope you’re all just as excited as I am! I’m a history teacher, so you will have the pleasure of being filled with an abundance of worldly and historical knowledge. I really enjoy talking and especially getting to know every one of my students, so be prepared to talk a lot and engage!

Stay safe for now year 7 and I will see you in September.




Hello 7SSM! Welcome to Whickham School. 

My name is Ms Mathieson and I am going to be your tutor when you start at Whickham in September.  I have been at Whickham for over 20 years and teach Art and Design (the best subject in the school in my opinion!) 

I am sure you are going to enjoy coming here, although it may be a little scary at first I am sure you will settle in really quickly. We will be doing lots of activities to help you learn about the teachers, the different subjects and finding your way around. Most importantly we will be taking some time to get to know each other 

Here is a little bit about me, to get you started

Obviously, one of my main hobbies is art – I love all aspects of being creative and making things. I especially like silversmithing, (making jewellery) but as it’s a slow, sometimes fiddly, process it can take me a long time to make a piece I am really pleased with!

I also love going out walking with my dog, a terrible terrier called Deefer. We love going to the beach best.  He is 4 year old Irish terrier who is full of energy and mischief, a real character.



Hi, I’m Miss Whiting, welcome to Whickham School and Sports College! I know this is a pretty uncertain time for us all at the moment, but I hope the thought of joining the Whickham community is giving you something to look forward to.

I am a PE teacher and I love watching and participating in a range of different sports. However, in my spare time I play football for a local team and enjoy running and going to the gym. I have danced a range of different styles throughout my life and completed exams and competitions. Although, nowadays I love watching dance and musicals at the theatre. And enjoy my mad Collie dog called Max and baking lots of different treats. 

I look forward to meeting you all in September!