Supporting Whickham School

For over 55 years Whickham School has been making a difference every day to the lives of our pupils by inspiring them to be the very best they can be.  Can you help to enhance the education of today’s children, invest in future generations and help to foster creative and enquiring minds?

2019 will be a wonderfully exciting year ahead as our new building takes shape, we look forward to moving in at the end of the year and the bright future that lies ahead there.

Although the fabric of the building is provided by the Government’s Priority School Building Programme, most of the interiors, furnishings, specialist equipment, technology and resources must be provided by School.  Some resources will move across, but we will need so much more. We have undertaken a comprehensive review and to make our new school building the facility we all want it to be we will need £500,000. As a school we have already carefully saved £250,000 so we now only need another quarter of a million. It is a lot of money, but with the support of large and small corporate sponsors and the active support of parents and pupils we will get there.

There are many ways you can support us

  1. Donations & Fundraising
  2. Corporate Sponsorship
  3. Volunteering
  4. Alumni
  5. Commemorative Bricks

Whatever your means of support, please know that the Pupils, Staff, Governors and Trustees of Whickham School are truly grateful for your contribution.