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Latest News: updated 16th October 2019

Building Update – October 2019

It’s all getting real – our logo is going up!
Only 13 weeks to Go…….

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Building Update – September 2019

The new school building is really taking shape.  The interior classroom spaces are currently being fitted with fixed furnishings, flooring and lights.  Staff, Pupils and Governors have had exclusive tours and we are all feeling very excited for the new year ahead when we take ownership of the new building for the start of term in January 2020.

The move to the new school will not only have a positive impact on our existing pupils, it is going to serve many future generations to come as well as our wider community users.

The building will be home to our STEAM subjects

The new four story building will also house our new sports facilities.


This week at the start of the new term, staff, pupils, parents, governors took place in a ‘Whole School Sponsored Walk’.  Our target was to collectively walk 10,000km to help raise funds for the new school, and it is pleasing to report that we **SMASHED IT**, with true team spirit.   Well done to everyone who took part, and many thanks to all our supporters who sponsored family and friends with our fundraising effort.

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April 18th 2019

It has been a busy few weeks and the new school is progressing well.

There are 3 phases to the building programme and it is pleasing to note that phase 1 and 2 are now watertight with the roof surfaces in place, windows fitted and concrete flooring complete.

BAM Construction arranged for some aerial photos this month which show progress to date.

February 11th 2019

Thank you to BAM Construction for providing us with the time-laps footage which shows the progress of our new school being built from the contractors arriving on site back in November last year and up to 17th January this year.  It is amazing at how quickly the new school is starting to take shape over what has only been a few short months.

Starting this week some of our pupils will be taking part in some guided tours of the building site and they will have the opportunity to ask questions and gain an insight into the world of construction and engineering. The pupil groups will be supported by Carole Shaw, BAM Education and Community Coordinator and school staff.

By the end of February, we will see that the steel for the internal walls being erected and the floors will be laid in phase 1 of the build.  Cladding to the new sports block and some windows will also be fitted as part of this phase of work.

February 1st 2019

Here are some new photos of the building programme as of this morning.
The good news is that we are still on timeline and that the snow has not affected the programme of works.
Well done to the BAM construction team for their resilience and hard work through this cold snap.

Please click photos for a full-size copy.

December 20th 2018

The building work is progressing well and it is exciting to see the first
section of the steelwork in place for what will be our new two-storey
sports hall.

In the New Year, as the work progresses, we will be looking to engage with
pupils in school to provide the opportunity for a nominated person from
each of the year groups to sign a section of the steel with each year
groups nominated Olympic Value. This will ensure that the current pupils
in school have the opportunity to make a legacy statement of where Whickham
School is now in terms of their collective pupil voice and values.

We will keep you all updated with further progress posts in the New Year.

Please click photos for a full-size copy.

November 22nd 2018

We were thrilled to welcome Freeman of Gateshead, Sir John Hall, to carry out the official groundbreaking ceremony for the new build on 22nd November.  Sir John was joined by esteemed guests, led by the Worshipful Mayor of Gateshead Cllr Jill Green and Liz Twist MP.  The ceremonial breaking of earth was followed by a reception to celebrate, not only the past 55 years of Whickham School but also to look forward with great pride at this wonderful opportunity for future generations of Gateshead school children.

It was a huge honour that Sir John Hall agreed to perform the ceremony on this exciting new development and it was fitting that we should mark this prestigious occasion with a visionary who has played a key role in the regeneration of Gateshead – leaving a legacy that touches us all.

Students past, present and future attended the ceremony and reception where they met our special VIP guests, civic dignitaries and business partners, and all were fantastic ambassadors for the school.  A very special thank you goes out to the Year 6 ambassadors who represented our feeder Primary Schools, and who will be the first new cohort to make use of the fabulous facilities in our new building.

More photos of the day can be found on our Facebook Page @whickham

Please click photos for a full-size copy.

November 9th 2018

Amazing what can be done in just 2 weeks….
Here are a couple of snippets of how the preparation of the site is going.
By the end of today, the site will be level, the piling rigs arrive next week and the foundation work will commence soon.

This will all coincide with our *Ground-breaking Ceremony* on 22nd November.
Watch this space for news of our prestigious guest of honour who will be
supporting us to mark the occasion.

Photos from this week:
Please click photos for a full-size copy.



October 24th 2018

The Building Work has Started this holiday period.
BAM Construction are setting up the site compound and the site is a hive of

To support the safety of our pupils and visitors we have a main gate
closure in operation for 30mins each day. It would be appreciated if
parents and visitors support us with our traffic management plan to keep
the front of school safe. Please be mindful that there are double yellow
lines on Burnthouse Lane and it is important to keep the roadway clear of
parked vehicles to allow pupils and delivery vans clear and safe access to
and from school.

Regular updates, photos and newsletters from BAM Construction will be
posted here.
Photos from this week:
Please click photos for a full-size copy.

October 2018 Update

Site Set up – Building Work to Commence

BAM Construction will be setting up the builder’s compound and boundary
fencing this month ready for the construction work to commence on the new
school site. This will mean that a proportion of the main school car park
will no longer be available to us as it will be part of the boundary walls
to segregate the building site from the rest of the school operations.

Gate Closure and restrictions for vehicles to the school site from Monday 8th October

In anticipation of the site set up, we will be restricting vehicle access to
the main school site and car park facilities for 30 mins at the end of each day before the pupils are due to leave school.

This will mean that there will be No Vehicle Access to the school site
during these times.

Main Gate Closure times will be as follows:
Closed for 30 mins Between 2.50pm to 3.20pm Monday to Friday

Every second week (School Improvement Hour)

The closure times will be between:

1.50pm – 2.20pm on a Tuesday Week 2 only

The gate closure is to reduce traffic ingress/egress and support pupils
while they are leaving the school site at the end of the school day.

We trust parents/carers will understand and support us with this change.

If parents/carers do have an appointment in school during any of the above
times, we recommend that alternative ways of travelling to school are
considered or that safe parking is sought in the locality. The pedestrian
gates will remain open to accept visitors on foot.

September 2018 Update

It is pleasing to report that the planning permission for our new £15million school building has been granted and we are now able to share some of the plans with you.

This new building will not only have a positive impact on our existing pupils, but those for generations to come as well as our wider community users.

The building will be home to our STEAM subjects

The stunning four-storey building will also house new sports facilities.

We are very fortunate that the building construction site will be separate from the current school buildings, and the education of the pupils will not be affected.

October 2018   Work is due to commence
January 2020   Planned opening date

Keeping you informed:
We will keep you informed with regular updates as the work progresses via the school website and social media.